Storage Terminals - UAE Verasco FZE


30 Storage Tanks - Total Capacity: about 170,000 CBM.

Distillation Unit - Processing Capacity – upto 500 MT / Day. Class A/B/C Products, Petrochemicals and Non-Classified Products like Bitumen and Base Oil. All tanks made in accordance with international design standards i.e. API 650 & API 2000. In built safety features, tanks have internal floating roofs to minimize vapor losses.


  • Range from 3,500 CBM - 17,800 CBM
  • 6 * 3,585 CBM;
  • 12 * 4,460 CBM;
  • 9 * 6,493 CBM;
  • 2 * 17,841 CBM;
  • 1 * 100 CBM


  • 20 Tanks with Full Contact - IFR (Aluminum Dome Roof) - Total Capacity - 122,934 CBM
  • 10 Tanks with Fixed Roof - Total Capacity - 45,476 CBM


  • 2 Tanks of Capacity 4,450 CBM and 6,490 CBM - are equipped with Cooling unit
  • 2 Tanks of Capacity 6,493 CBM each - are Insulated and equipped with Heating system
  • 1 SS tank of Capacity 3,585 CBM - is Insulated and equipped with Electric Heating system.


  • SS Tank - 1, CS Tanks - 29


  • Fully Automated Terminal - integrated with Distributed Control System
  • 2 Weigh Bridge Facilities
  • Vapor Recovery System
  • Truck Loading Bays equipped with Mass Flow meters
  • Elaborate Fire Fighting System
  • In-House Laboratory


  • 2 Lines of 16" - For Clean products
  • 1 SS Line of 10" - For Chemicals
  • 1 Insulated Line of 10" with Heating System - For Bitumen
  • All Piggable Lines



  • Demand for third party storage companies: With greater demands on oil and chemical supply chains, storage companies are witnessing steady growth. Third party storage companies are growing even faster as they possess the specialized knowledge and material handling skills required for intermediate or local storage of such material.
  • To meet the growing demand for third party storage facilities, large storage terminal facilities have been / are being built in the UAE. Aggregate capacities of operational / under construction storage terminals at Fujairah alone is approx. 8 million cbm. All of these facilities are built to cater to the crude oil and related petroleum products like fuel, gas oil, naphta, gasoline, kerosene, diesel etc.
  • Chemical storage terminals require higher degree of specialization as compared to oil storage terminals due to specific storage requirements for chemicals. Some of the specific storage requirements for chemicals include:
    • Advanced fire fighting system required more specifically for hazardous and highly inflammable chemicals
    • Internal floating roof system and nitrogen blanketing to minimize vaporization of chemicals
    • Temperature controlled environment required for storage of certain chemicals to avoid polymerization
    • Stringent leak management system to prevent leakage of chemicals in the environment
  • Hence the oil terminal facility cannot cater to the storage requirements for all grades of chemicals / petrochemicals unless the facility is upgraded and specific approvals are received for the same. However, chemical storage terminal can be used to store oil and petroleum products as it is built to higher specifications.
  • Due to a greater degree of specialization required, the cost of establishing chemical storage terminal is higher than the oil terminal which creates significant entry barriers. The leasing rates and profit margins are also higher for this sector.
  • The storage facilities are required by companies all across the chemical supply chain from the producers to traders/distributors. With the forecasted growth in both trading and manufacturing volumes of the chemical sector, the storage requirement is also likely to go up.
  • There is high unserved demand for chemical terminal facility in UAE; small capacity is available but significant demand is met through containerized liquid transport which is significantly expensive and time inefficient as compared to bulk storage at port


STORAGE TERMINALS – Hamriyah Free Zone

Few regional players and MNCs involved in chemical manufacturing, trading and distribution have set up liquid chemical storage terminals for their captive consumption in Hamriyah Free Zone. There are few third party storage providers in this space, the major ones be SIDDCO Group, ATS, Universal Storage Terminal, Arya Petroleum etc. Details of their storage capacity mentioned in the below table:

Table: Major Liquid Chemical Storage facilities in UAE

None of the above have features such as distillation capability with dedicated tanks, DCS, IFR, ISO tanks & Flexi tanks filling, SS tanks etc. except HIF. Verasco terminal with total capacity of about 170,000 cbm is a much larger facility with the capability to cater to storage requirements of not only chemicals/ petrochemicals but also base oils / bitumen / vegetable oil / gases / liquefied gases / ethanol / bio fuels / edible oils