PROCESS BLOCK - Distilation / Fractionation Verasco FZE

Process Block

  • This distillation / fractionation is a unique service offering. No terminal in the Middle East currently has this capability and we are the market leaders in providing distillation services in this region.
  • The Process Block can process high quality petroleum & petrochemical products. With our new edge technology, a mixture of chemicals is separated into individual components based upon their boiling point values. Thus it also serves to obtain chemical components of desired purity levels.
  • The process also enables to enhance the product offerings by supplying products as per the quality specifications of the customers.
  • This facility is able to generate significant revenues as it attracts lot of external customers who need services to convert their off grade products into on grade, de colour, de odour, blend etc.
  • Being the market leader in the distillation space, able to control the demand and pricing of the services
  • Capable of customizing molecules / branded products for the end customers.


More Insights into the Distillation

From binary fractionation of petroleum products to multiple components fractionation and blending and formulation of petroleum products, Group's technical team has decades of experience in such manufacturing.

  • 27 meter tray SS 304 columns with reflux and vacuum, promising: High efficient capability of distilling/separation of multi-components
  • High efficient capability of distilling/ separation of multi-components
  • Can handle a wider range of liquid and gas flow rates
  • Low turndown
  • High capacity
  • Low maintenance and almost Nil fouling
  • 9 Intermediate SS 304 tanks
  • Thermic fluid heating system